Not all know how to correctly lighten hair to a beautiful shade, and it does not spoil the hair. The appearance of unwanted discoloration immediately after staining or the week after that, perepalennye and dry hair, too dark roots are killing all the desire to experiment and frighten women. If you decide to lighten your hair, carefully approach the choice of colors. Prefer professional brands, long-proven in the case. In addition to the colorant, they usually contain ingredients that help not mess up the hair coloring process. Loreal Professionel, Matrix, Paul Mitchell, Gold Well, Wella, Bess has long received high marks hairdressers and their happy clients. When choosing colors do not follow the picture on the box, it may be very different from expected results. Better look at the palette in a special album.
It is impossible to lighten hair and get beautiful blond not knowing the basic rules of color and dyeing. Even if you buy the most expensive paint, most likely the result will greatly disappoint. If you want to lighten hair more than one tone, do not expect to do it in one shot and not spoil the hair. In this case, you have to first lighten your hair with a special powder, and then tint them. Otherwise, a yellow or even a greenish-red shade of hair you can not avoid.
Bleaching is best done by 6% of the oxidizer. To start, visually divide the hair into three parts – touch-up your roots, middle and ends. Apply on hair composition in a ratio of powder : the oxidizer is 1 to 2, and wait a maximum of forty minutes. The optimal time will depend on the condition of the hair and the original and desired color. Rinse composition without sulfate shampoo without using conditioner. May need to repeat the procedure again. In this case, apply the composition again only on the length avoiding the roots, and soak for another 20 minutes.
As a result of this clarification, you can get two options – either hair color will be yellow or orange. Don't worry, you're not done yet. Now you are going to tint hair. Remember the basic rule: yellow corrector neutralizes blue, orange grey. Paint after bleaching mixed with 3% of oxidizing agent and is applied immediately on the entire length and gently massage into a rich lather. Hold for 20 minutes. If you did everything right with the technology, the result will please you.
Do not try to lighten the hair if they are very dry and brittle. You risk being left with almost no hair. Besides porous hair a little differently absorb the paint. First, restore the hair with the help of competent care, nutrition and vitamins. In some cases, especially lifeless curls have to cut more, and then proceed to staining. Don't even try to lighten hair during the critical days of pregnancy. Changes in the hormonal background will bring you unexpected results.
Remember that to be blonde is expensive. Bleached hair in need of care, more than any other. Be sure to buy a special shampoo and conditioner to preserve color. Professional brands have a series of tools designed specifically for blondes. They are composed of sequences of colors, which are able to fight the yellowness and leaching of paint. Do not use aggressive, and better without sulfate shampoo and nourishing hair mask.