You will need
  • Lightening hair dye, a comb, a brush, an old towel, glass Cup for breeding colours, mirror
Having made the decision to become a blonde, first and foremost, it is necessary to objectively assess the condition of your hair. Were they already painted? Is there a Perm? What are hair by nature: thin or thick, hard or soft. How they are healthy and if there is irritation on the scalp. This is important, because the main means of lightening – the hydrogen peroxide may be too aggressive for fine or weakened hair.
To pick up lightening the paint with the help of a professional hair colorist who can advise on the most suitable shade. If this is not possible, you should discuss the matter with his master, who constantly cut. It is important to remember that it is not recommended to lighten hair more than 2-3 colors in comparison with natural color. Otherwise, you might cause hair serious harm excessive discoloration. Moreover so radically bleached hair can be unprofitable to contrast with the colour of the skin, eyes and eyebrows.
If the hair is thin or weakened paint to lighten it is necessary to choose very carefully. It is better to stay on the products of reputable, well-established firms, because the big brands attach great importance to quality control of their products. Particular attention should be paid to the composition of the paint. High-quality products in addition to decolorizing the pigment composition includes natural oils, softening the action of aggressive substances. In addition to the package in addition to the ink and fixing composition should be attached to the bag with a soothing balm. If you still have any doubts regarding the possible results of the staining, it is better to abandon permanent hair color in favor of clarifying shampoos and foams. Their impact is much softer and less breaks the hair structure.
To lighten hair in the hairdressing salon, or on your own home. In the second case, you need to prepare everything necessary before starting the procedure below in the dyeing process is not interrupted in search of the right things. For home bleaching will need paint, the instructions to her, glassware for dilutions, brush to carry the paint on the hair, a comb, an old towel and gloves for the hands.
To start the procedure of staining, always with careful consideration of the user. Even if you have already used this paint before, read the attached guidance still useful – it could remind you about some accidentally forgotten the details. In accordance with the guidance necessary to prepare the dye solution and apply it on the hair, successively dividing them into separate strands. Don't forget that paint is applied to dry, unwashed hair. First, the composition is superimposed on the main part of the hair and in 15 minutes then to the root zone. Then the paint is evenly distributed over the entire length from root to tip.
The duration of the coating depends on the desired degree of lightening, but no more than 30 minutes. Then hair carefully to rinse, then wash with shampoo and rinse with a firming balm. Drying with a hair dryer bleached hair is undesirable, because hot air is dry and without fat-free paint strands.