Recommendations for dyeing hair supra

Supra is a strong substance, and therefore to avoid the hair in a state of great exhaustion, it is not recommended to wash your hair just before applying it. In addition, careful monitoring of the process of decolorization of hair. It is important to keep the mixture on the hair for as long as is required by the user. The longer part will be on them, the lighter they will become.
Prolonged exposure can lead to hair loss.

When brightening only the roots, it should be done very carefully not to touch the already bleached hair. Otherwise, their condition may deteriorate. The process of applying the mixture must be carried out with a brush and gloves.

It is important to know that bleaching the supra is only permissible after at least a week after their perms. Not insignificant is the fact that after bleaching the hair should be washed with warm water followed by applying to them the shampoo and treatment balm. On bleached hair unwanted mechanical effects (friction with a towel, combing, straightening irons).

If you use the supra for the first time, it is better to apply it on the hair without affecting the roots. Sometimes even with such a gentle impact hair starts to get lumpy. In such situations, it is recommended to postpone the process for two weeks, then try again, but with the application of compound and on the roots. The duration of follow-up sessions should be less than primary.
It is important to remember that during the primary clarification of thick dark hair, you may have a yellow tint. The yellowing will disappear after re-dyeing.

Advice on the acquisition and application of the supra

To buy supra, it is desirable in specialized stores. Thus in addition to the powder you need to buy and oxygen, which are sold in different concentrations (6%, 9%, 12%). Than the concentration stronger, the more efficient the clarification process. But at the same time, the hair will be exposed to the negative effects to a greater extent.

Mix liquid oxygen and the powder in 2:1 ratio. The mixture is prepared in a plastic container, immediately before the procedure of application to the hair. Quality staining is a fast and generous application of substances to the hair. Thirty minutes after application, supra washes out with shampoo. The hair processed by conditioner opolaskivaetsya and slightly soaked towel.

Thus, the supra is a powerful clarifying tool to use which is necessary with care. Using this substance, you can get a stunning effect in the home.