Advice 1: Paint which firm is best to dye your hair

Good hair should have a thick consistency, perfect to paint the gray hair, not to spoil the hair and stay after the first wash. Who manufacturers cope with these problems?
What paint to choose?
With the change of image, age or mood women have to dye your hair. At this point the question arises: "Paint what manufacturer deserves attention, who is the leader in this area?". The answer may not be one, because there are several types of coloring substances.

Types of dyes for hair

First and foremost, I would like to mention the availability of natural dyes, therefore, to give hair a particular shade or color is not necessary to resort to chemical oxidants and dyes. You can use natural henna or Basma. The first makes the hair red, the second will help to paint them in color from light brown to black. Both paints are made from the leaves of plants.
Natural dyes can be mixed together, ensuring a brighter or darker shade. If you often dye your hair with henna, after the first clarification they will still be red color.

Chemical dyes are divided according to the degree of resistance into 3 groups:
1. The tonic is the weak crusadea effect and durability of the paint. It is used to give hair a lighter or darker shade, changing the natural color on a 1-2 pitch. Available in the form of tinted balms and shampoos. Because they do not contain bleaching substances, like ammonia or hydrogen peroxide, does not harm hair. The color is washed away after 5-6 shampoos.
2. Unstable hair dye. In their manufacture as bleach use hydrogen peroxide. Such means are well paints over a gray hair and you can change your hair color, but not for long, max 2 months. Frequent use of this type of paint can harm the hair.
3. Resistant hair dye can dramatically change the color of the hair for once, well paint over the gray. They use amines or ammonia, which do not allow the tool to slip away, to change the color it will be necessary to re-dye my hair.
The frequent use of the funds containing in its composition ammonia or amines leads to deterioration of hair and change their structure. For colored tresses require special care, with the use of masks, conditioners and balms.

Paint which firm is the best?

Currently popular are several world manufacturers of means for hair coloring. It's L'oreal, Wella and Schwarzkopf & Henkel. Under these brands are produced of several types of hair colors, each of them has its own characteristics.

In 2013, the first three places were occupied by dye Garnier Color Naturals, L'oréal shampoo and conditioner and L'oréal Casting creame gloss. They all belong to the same firm L'oréal. Tools are of good quality, a high dyeing effect. These paints have a thick consistency and easy to apply on hair. They can be used not only for hair but also for the color change.

For clarification you can still recommend paint Wella, Procter & Gamble, and Palette from Schwarzkopf. They can be used to lighten hair at a time and have a good color gray. The wide range of colors allows you to easily select the desired color and shade.
It is worth considering that paint purchased in supermarkets and in specialized shops can sharply differ not only in price but also in quality. Better not to risk and to give preference to narrow-profile boutiques.

For a more gentle, but stable color choose paint with the addition of vegetable oils, the so-called fito-line. Well established Garnier Color Shine Oleo Intense and Essential Color. Vegetable oils not only help to preserve and to saturate color but also adds Shine, smoothness and volume.

Hard to call the perfect manufacturer, which would combine both price and quality. Good hair dye doesn't cost too cheap. In most cases, women prefer more prodeklarirovany or not time-tested tools.

Advice 2: What paint covers gray

Not all inks equally well with gray hair. The effectiveness of staining also depends on how much gray hair is on the head. How to choose the right paint for perfect grey coverage?
What paint covers gray
With a small amount of the first gray hair on the head should not resort to the drastic change in the General tone of the hair, for their full repaint in other darker shades. Try applying the highlights. It well masks the first gray hair, does not spoil the hair structure. In addition, this method of hair coloring visually rejuvenates a woman.
If you have never used chemical colorants for hair, did not resort to chemicals, use natural dyes such as henna and Basma, which are well paint over the gray. Expect to receive the final color of hair as a result of mixing these dyes. To know in what amounts of materials needed to mix and how to prepare paint for application on hair you can from the instructions on the package.
When the hair is affected hair half or fully, will have to resort to drastic measures staining. For this you need to correctly select appropriate paint. It needs to contain ammonia and a high percentage of oxidizer (9%). This paint will help create a smooth and rich tone of the hair. If you bought paint that contains no ammonia, keep in mind that it will stain the hair temporarily, but quickly washed away, especially with hair, untouched by gray.
Fair-haired women with gray hair you should paint them in gray tones, silver, Rus. Growing grey roots in this case will not be noticeable. In turn, all of the bright colors bad coloring gray hair. Because if you don't have anything against dark shades for hair – use a paint of this type. Try chocolate tones, dark brown, coffee, dark brown, black.
For dyeing hair containing gray hair, prefer to professional types of paint. Usually for packing paints for professional painting attached special conditioners, balms or oils that help to consolidate the color, restore hair structure after dyeing. On the packaging the manufacturer should be stated that this tool is one hundred percent grey coverage.
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