Advice 1: How to lighten hair roots

With regular bleaching do not need to expose the tips of the long-term effects of the drug. Need only touch up the roots. You can do it yourself at home.
How to lighten hair roots
Purchase a paint, preferably a professional. It is better to discolor the hair, as well as less traumatic effect on the structure and hair follicles. If you cannot find the required drug, consult with an experienced hairdresser. By the way, to lighten the roots can be in the beauty salon that is much more preferable.
If you use regular paint, dispense half of the money from each tube in a porcelain or glass bowl, mix thoroughly. You need to use immediately. If you have acquired a professional clarifier, the required proportions refer to the instructions for use.
Put on gloves and proceed to the discoloration of the roots. Start apply the mixture with the back of the head, trying not to fall on previously colored hair. For ease of application use a special wide brush, not a toothbrush or applicator bottle. If you are not able to carry out such a procedure, ask someone close to help you.
Note the time required for staining. 5-10 minutes before you will need to wash off the paint, and spread it throughout the length to refresh the colour of hair. Don't forget to apply a nourishing balm that softens bleached hair and nourishes throughout.
If you have very thick and bushy hair, breed packing the paint, and not half, as recommended by manufacturers. The staining professional clarifier you will need about 50-60 grams of composition.
Useful advice
Before coloring the roots don't wash your hair at least a day. During this time the hair slightly covered by sebum that will protect them from the negative effects of bleach. Also before the procedure, do not apply the curls styling products and also serums or sprays that do not need to rinse.

Advice 2 : How to lighten hair without damaging them

Every woman knows that paint hair in a fiery red, copper, chestnut or black color is not difficult. But lighten up the strands without damaging them – no easy task. Since ancient times, the lightening gave the beauties a lot of hassle and trouble, under the action of the paint and the hair was hard, dry and brittle. To lighten without damaging them, you can only use harmless natural compounds.
How to lighten hair without damaging them
Give your hair a beautiful blonde color by using a daily rinse of chamomile or clarifier based on this plant. To prepare the clarifier is not difficult. Pour 200 g of chamomile raw material two glasses of vodka. Insist the resulting tool in a week. Then add in the cooled brewed henna. Leave the mixture for another two weeks. Then strain the tincture and oil her hair every day.
If you want to lighten hair without damaging them, you can use a homemade honey mask. To soften the hair wash them with a mixture of regular shampoo, a pinch of salt and baking soda. Slightly dry and smooth through all their length med. Head cover with scarf on all night and in the morning rinse off the honey mask with warm water. This means perfectly lightens the hair.
Many people know that lemon is a natural lightener of the skin, but few people know that in the same way it acts on hair. Lubricate them with the juice of a freshly squeezed lemon and go to sunbathe. The interaction of sunlight and lemon juice gives a great effect of natural lightening. Remember that repeated use of this method may affect the structure of the hair.
For the preparation of the following composition for decolorizing hair, you will need 20 g chamomile, 20 g of calendula, 4 lemons, 30 g roots Ravna, 50 g honey, 50 g alcohol and half a liter of vinegar. Mix all these components and boil one clarifier. The resulting composition gives a stunning effect to lighten hair.
To lighten hair without damaging them, by using the clarifier on the basis of quality brandy. Two tablespoons of the hot drink mix with a raw egg, 50 grams of yogurt, juice of half a lemon and one teaspoon of regular shampoo. Apply the product on your hair and rinse it only after 8-10 hours. Your strands will have a beautiful light shade.

Advice 3 : How to bleach your hair

When carrying out bleaching hair, you must follow some certain rules. It is safest to do this procedure at the beauty salon, but if you have good paint and strict adherence to the instructions accurately to bleach your hair at home.
How to bleach your hair

How to bleach your hair properly

In order to lighten hair a few shades, they must be pre-discoloring. Discoloration, and staining is best done at the beauty salon. If this is not possible, the procedure can be carried out at home. It is necessary to observe some rules.

Wash your head you 2-3 days prior to bleaching the hair. Otherwise, the aggressive components of the composition can greatly damage the hair, lacking protection in the form of a lipid film, and make them brittle, lifeless.

Some time ago, women preferred to use for bleaching of hydrogen peroxide, which today can be easily bought in any pharmacy. This tool is very cheap, but it really spoils the hair.

For bleaching hair medium hard medium length will need 50 grams of decolorizing composition with 10% hydrogen peroxide. For its preparation you need 16 tablets peroxide dissolved in 35 milliliters of water and add 5 grams of liquid soap and 8-10 grams of ammonium. The resulting composition should be applied to the hair for 15-20 minutes and then rinse with water.

Experts recommend to bleach your hair, not tablets peroxide and special compounds, which are sold in every store of professional cosmetics. These products are much gentler effect on the hair, but they are not less effective. In the store you can find a tool for bleaching, suitable for a certain type of hair. For bleaching hair different stiffness need completely different concentrations of active substance.

It is also necessary to consider that the concentration of peroxide for bleaching blonde hair needs to be minimal, and for dark the maximum. Information about the compliance of a particular product of a particular type or shade of hair can be found on the packaging of the drug industrial production.

Before bleaching, it is desirable to test the tool on the back side of the wrist. The product can be used, if 10-15 minutes is not discovered any allergic reactions. It is important to very strictly follow all the instructions for the preparation of the solution and time of exposure to hair. If you keep the drug on the hair a little longer, he is very much hurt them, will make dull, lifeless.

Hair care after bleaching

After bleaching and subsequent dyeing the hair, usually the spoils. This is especially true when using poor quality chemical compositions.

To quickly restore the health of the hair, you need to wash them a mild shampoos designed for daily use. After each washing must be applied to the hair balm.

Damaged hair should be dried naturally. A Hairdryer can be used very rarely. It is advisable to apply on the hair nourishing and revitalizing mask with periodicity of 1-2 times a week.
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