To lighten the hair 6 shades you will need strong slanderously the drug and oxidant. The percentage of oxidizer is selected based on the structure of your hair. Fine hair lightens more weak oxide - 3% and 6%. Hard or previously colored hair is discoloring with a strong oxide - 9% and 12%. When choosing blunderbuses it is better to give preference to trusted companies that guarantee good results.
When bleaching apply blunderous the mixture on the hair from those hair that are not easily discoloration is occipital. Whiskey should be dyed at the last moment. Apply the mixture on the hair with a thick brush, evenly distributing the composition on all of the hair from the roots. The ends are painted much faster, so it makes sense to apply them to the composition of the paint.
Lightening hair may be gradual and uneven. The oxygen released from the peroxide, oxidize natural pigment, "corroding" it from the structure of the hair. Whereby the hair becomes empty. Therefore, if a strong lightening is so important, the procedure further toning hair - it restores the hair color, strength, and also makes them softer. The procedure of bleaching to actively generate heat. Not to damage hair, should not be worn on the head of the insulated cap.
The average bleaching of 6 tones takes about an hour. Therefore, the composition does not have dry hair, don't make it too thick.
To check the result during the procedure itself is quite simple - rinse composition from the hair strands and rate the degree of clarification. If you are not satisfied, coat the strand composition again.
The main stages of lightening hair: red - red-red - red - yellow-red - yellow - light yellow.
When your hair turned yellow or light yellow, you need to finish the procedure and rinse hair. After that is to start a hair tinting. Toning hair can be done using soft cream colors without ammonia or a toning shampoo with violet pigments that neutralize unpleasant yellowing of the hair. It is not necessary to keep a toning agent on the hair for a long time, just a few minutes, otherwise you risk to get lilac hair.