You will need
  • - hair dye;
  • an oxidizer;
  • - bleaching powder;
  • foil;
  • - remover.
Paint the hair professional paints that are sold in stores hairdressing supplies. They are not much more expensive than paint-grade mass-market. Professional paint give hair the shade that was in the palette. Furthermore, they do not so much spoil the hair, which is important when lightening black hair.
If your hair has not been painted, choose the paint 2-3 shades lighter than your natural. To find out your tone, take a palette of colors for hair in the store and compare the color of the hair with your shoot. If your tone is 3, the paint you need 5-6 colors, if you have 5 tone, then 7-8, etc.
Buy 9% of the oxidizing agent to the paint. Usually the paint is mixed with oxidant in the ratio 1:1, i.e. for a tube of paint in 60 ml you will need 60 ml of oxidant. Special blonde (12 tone) is mixed with oxidant in the ratio 1:2. Read the instructions for the paint or ask the seller how much oxidizer you need.
Apply the paint to clean, dry hair. Soak the allotted time and rinse. If you are planning once again to lighten the hair, then make a span of 2 weeks.
You can gradually lighten black hair with highlights. For it mix the bleaching powder and 12% oxidizer in a ratio of 1:1. The powder and the oxidizer are also sold in shops of professional cosmetics. Cut the foil strips with a width of 10-12 cm and a length of about 30 cm. Take a thin strand of hair, place it under the foil. Apply to hair dye and wrap the foil up to the roots. Repeat the same with other hair. Rinse the hair with 30-40 minutes. The following highlights do 3-4 weeks on other strands of hair. Gradually, all hair will be brighter, and the highlights will only need the root zone.
If your hair was previously dyed a dark color, then do a wash. Purchase the special tools to do this in the store. They may be called means for decapage, correctors color, emulsions for the removal of stubborn paints. Apply to dry hair composition for decamerone (wash), soak time specified in the instructions, and then rinse hair with water. Along with wash hair to remove pigment. If the paint is washed insufficiently, apply the remover again on the already damp hair.
After washing, if the color offends you, lighten hair resistant paint. To lighten by 1 tone, use 6% oxidant, 2-3 colors - 9%.