Keep in mind that if your hair is very dark, to get the desired results after your initial application is unlikely to succeed. Dark hair is very difficult to lighten. Even if you leave the paint for 60-70 minutes, the effect of which reach the owner of the blond hair will not. In this case, the staining procedure was repeated after a few days resorted to hair tinting, so they look more natural.
Don't be afraid to lighten the home. After all, many of the tools designed for independent use, so the difficulties in the process of staining should not occur. But do not forget that lightening is a chemical process which affects the hair is quite detrimental. After it, your hair can become more dry and brittle. Therefore, after staining, be sure to use shampoos, masks and balms for hair. They will help to return them to the beauty and health.
Before proceeding to bleaching, prepare everything you need: towel, so as not to dirty clothes, a comb, a brush for applying paint. Don't wash your hair directly before coloring, so as not to wash the protective film. But thorough brushing they need.
Before lighting read the instructions carefully. Then mix the lightener according to the instructions, apply it across the length of the hair excluding the roots. In a few minutes, apply the remaining dye to the roots, evenly distribute it on hair and leave for clarification.
After dyeing, rinse thoroughly with water and then shampoo. Squeeze them and apply the mask, which is usually attached to brightening the paint. If your hair a yellowish tint, use a shampoo with blue or purple filler.