Choose the right paint and oxidizer. It is best to buy them in professional hairdressing stores. Often the products that may be useful to you, is sold there in large quantities, but if you use all the bleaching powder to the primary coloration, it is useful to touch up growing roots. What color is your hair before coloring, depends on the concentration of the oxidant necessary for clarification. Oxidants are from 1.8 to 12 %. Accordingly, the lighter your hair is before dyeing, the smaller the concentration of the oxidant you need. Color tinted paint is also need to choose carefully. Remember that red and black hair when bleaching acquire a yellowish tint, and not bleached completely, so that paint is better to take closer to silver or light ash blond.
Take care of your health! If your hair is weakened permed or recent coloration, it is necessary to wait with repainting, it's a very difficult process that destroys hair structure. The hair becomes empty and very fragile, and if the procedure of lightening hold on weakened hair, this can cause they will start to break off or fall out when washing off makeup.
Just before using a mixture of paint and oxidant, you should check whether you are allergic to any components of the composition. To do this the day before coloring, apply the test composition on the inner side of the elbow. If a day does not appear redness, peeling or other not normal for your skin phenomena, it is possible without fear to apply paint on the hair.
3. Apply paint correctly. This will help avoid irregularities in the color, so your hair won't have to endure another coloring soon. Moreover, the sloppy application of paint can lead to the fact that on the boundary of the hair spots that long will ruin your appearance and hurt skin. Therefore, the composition should be applied with gloves, to dry unwashed hair (unless otherwise instructed). The skin on hairline and ears need to process fat cream to if paint gets easy to wash off. Start to apply the paint from the back. In this region the temperature of the head lower than the other, and hence staining is slower. Move toward the temples, grabbing at thin predock. First apply the entire length of hair, excluding the roots, and then a special brush bring her to the root. After all her hair, take a comb with frequent teeth and rascalities several times. This will help the paint evenly distributed on the hair and remove excess composition. Try not to overdo the paint, at least not to exceed the limit specified in the instructions. Hold the paint for 20-30 minutes, and then rinse with warm water.