Scorpion woman is always surrounded by admirers. Even without beauty, she will attract men like a magnet. Bright representatives of this sign Ksenia Sobchak and Julia Roberts. Their appearance is far from ideal, however, they were always surrounded by the most beautiful, intelligent and wealthy men. This is because the Scorpion woman exudes sexuality. She's attractive, seductive and Flirty. Among women of this sign are people who are called fatal. They are trying to emphasize their sexuality, wear feminine dresses, bright lipstick. As example, Sophie Marceau, Tina Kandelaki, Maria Kozhevnikov and Scarlett Johansson. All of these women, repeatedly headed the ratings of the most sexual beauties, born under the sign of Scorpio.
Women of this sign are bright temperament and sexual liberation. In bed they are relaxed and willing to experiment. For Scorpions in sex, no inhibitions. Actress jodie foster, twice awarded the "Oscar", boldly announced his sexual orientation, and even joined in lawful marriage with his chosen. American model and singer tila Tequila, is also born under the constellation of the Scorpion, was involved in a very Frank reality show, where her heart fought boys and girls.
Scorpion woman is unlikely to agree to be a housewife. Is she too ambitious. Women of this sign are brave, determined, sharp mind and business acumen. They are independent and seek power. It is often have successful careers that are the envy of many men. Like Hillary Clinton, who is going to run for President of the United States.
Companion in life Scorpion woman will choose a man that will stand out amid all of her fans. She is looking for a strong, ambitious and intelligent partner. Woman of this sign is able to be truly loyal to the one he loves. As much as these women love and hate. Betrayal or resentment they will remember for a very long time, and at the first opportunity will try to take revenge. It is the most vengeful and vindictive sign of the Zodiac.
For all its passion woman-Scorpio is characterized by great secrecy. The fire, which it boils, is visible not all. She may seem cold and emotionally closed. Open all sides of their complex and multifaceted nature of woman-Scorpio, only the people you want. Her confidence need to win for very long.