Does size matter?

Male after sex want to hear in the address of the highest praise. And many women Express their admiration for the partner after lovemaking. These compliments have nothing to do with size of "manhood".

American scientists conducted a study among the seed pairs, which revealed that 85% of women satisfied with the size of the penis of their partner. But men who believe that they have a normal penis size, only 55%.

The results of this experiment provide information that women whose partner has a penis size smaller than average, never acquired a variety of intimate products. They were satisfied with the sexual abilities of men.

Women very rarely think about what the size of the penis of their partner. They just get pleasure from lovemaking. The most important thing for men is how he controls his sexual organ.

Ways to increase penis

One of the most popular methods of penis enlargement exercises. But before you start exercising, a man should ponder whether it is really necessary. If you still decided to use this method, it is important to remember that to do this you need to regularly, preferably several times during the day.

Exercises to increase penis quite a lot. For example, you need to lubricate the penis to achieve full erection, and then to clasp it at the base. The other hand to hold under the head and gently stretch for five minutes. No need to hold – in time classes you should not experience discomfort.

After the exercise the sexual organ should be washed, and you can also make a bath with herbs such as sage. It improves blood circulation that promotes the growth of tissues.

3-4 cm penis may be increased by surgical intervention. Also surgery gives you the opportunity to make it thicker. But this procedure is quite expensive. Fabric cut on the pubis, and part of the body goes out. In the future, the man has the scar, and the process of rehabilitation is quite difficult and long.

Now advertise a lot of pills and creams which claim can enlarge a penis. But most often it is a hoax, and everything else such tools are very expensive. So if you still want your penis has become bigger, better resort to exercises, the main thing – to believe in the result.