Operations for the reconstruction of genital organs are among the most complex. They take a long time, and the complete procedure of sex change, which is gradual, is more than two years.

If sex change to male, in addition to changes in the sexual organs, at will, change the shape of the calf muscle, adjust the chin, doing liposuction of fatty deposits.


The first step in the change of sex is a confirmation of transsexualism. That is, the claimed patient mismatch of gender social and biological need to confirm. It can be confirmed only by qualified personnel. After the surgical stage should be a long-term hormonal therapy, before you start, which (before surgery) carried out a full examination.

Contraindications to sex change are:
– mental illness;
– homosexuality;
– age under 18 and over 60.

Surgery to remove breast

Is performed under General anesthesia. The procedure is performed (in the case of small breast size) periareolar through the incision. Patients with Central chest incision peripheral. If the breast is large in size, the fabric is cut vertically. The postoperative period is 14 days. Rehabilitation for about six months.


This surgery removes the ovaries and fallopian tubes. The least traumatic option – laparoscopy. But you may need and the way the operation. Anesthesia General. The postoperative period of 6 days.

Reconstruction of the genital organs

Patients who with the help of hormones able to increase the clitoris to 6 cm, a metoidioplasty is performed. Of the vaginal mucous tissue to create the new urethra. Get the length of the penis in this procedure – see 5 Postoperative complications in this surgery are minimal and erogenous zones retain maximum sensitivity. But penis penetrating power is not.

Therefore, most people prefer phalloplasty is a long and complex operation that requires a transplant of tissues, but which creates a complete penis of adequate size. Due to the room inside erectile of the prosthesis, it has the ability to perform penetrative sexual intercourse. The operation is carried out in three stages. All the stages take about a year.

In the postoperative period is limited to the physical and psychoemotional loads, prohibits sex life and recommended regular doctor visits to monitor the status.