If you want to achieve harmony in relations, first of all, understand that the sexual sensitivity of women is the sensitivity of the body and mind together. In this it differs from men, who in the first place is only the sensitivity of the genitals.
Enrich your sex life acquired sexual reflexes: visual, auditory, olfactory and tactile. Partners can create a variety of exciting techniques that will become a habit and will act as stimulants (odors, twilight, water, bathroom, etc.). It is a potent factor to increase sexual sensitivity. You only need to include the familiar music, and sexual excitement will increase.
Use a variety of caresses. Physiologically stroking of the whole body, not just erogenous zones, giving a stunning effect. Body tissues are beginning to be supplied with blood, the skin turns pink, and the eyes changes. Accordingly, filled with blood and genitals, which is very important to stimulate sexual arousal. The woman begins to perceive sensations to the full, which contributes to the buildup of excitation and, in turn, leads to orgasm.
Try to eat foods that promote the increase of sexual sensitivity. It's vanilla, cloves, cumin, mustard.
Spend physiotherapy: vigorous rubbing of the thighs, buttocks and groin. NIPs and slaps in the measure is also effective. You should take into account individual skin sensitivity.
Do massage in the bathroom. To enhance blood circulation massage the body and genitals with water. Effective technique of massage is very strong jet, alternately hot and cold. It has a stimulating and stimulating effect.