The first operating

The normal condition of the external genital organs of a woman is when large labia cover small. Small lips thus reaching 4 cm, However, in the nature of frequent deviations from the norm.

The increase of the labia minora is surgically when there are appropriate indications for surgery, such as their immaturity. You should know that in order to conduct such a serious procedure there are contraindications. Is an inflammatory disease of the genital organs, the presence of infections and sexually transmitted diseases, other serious diseases of the internal organs.

Women should remember that some of the defects of the labia minora is not a disease. With this, it is possible to live as smaller compared to normal size of the labia minora does not affect the quality of sexual life and basically anything have no effect. The increase of the labia – this is a personal choice women are dissatisfied with their genitals. Also, you should know that with age, the labia in women a little increase in size.

According to statistics, 25% of women have defects of the labia minora. It relates to intimate plastics, which is rapidly gaining popularity.

The first method involves the increase of the labia minora at the expense of own fat – lipofilling. This procedure is considered painless. The increase of the labia minora is performed under local anesthesia, leaving no visible scar on the sexual organ of a woman. However, the main operation is preceded by a fence of adipose tissue from different parts of the female body, e.g. buttock or lower abdomen.

The second method is "wonderful shot"

The news that you can increase your labia without surgery, pleased with women. This effect is achieved with injections of hyaluronic acid. This cosmetic procedure without blood, cuts with a short-term period of rehabilitation and return to normal life.

However, remember that any procedure with the sexual organs should only be performed by experienced specialists in medical centers and not in beauty salons.

Home increase

Some women manage to increase the labia at home. To do this every day to pull the labia squeezed between the fingers. The procedure should be carried out within a few months. In this stretch the main thing is not to overdo it, so as not to injure themselves.