At what age ceases to grow penis?

The average growth of the male member continues around until reaching seventeen years of age. In seventeen years, the penis grows to its greatest size, and indicators of its length then over time very slowly and gradually diminish.
On reaching the age of eighteen the penis expands (i.e. its diameter increases), and the length is reduced by about half an inch.

Other sources report that the growth of the penis ends at the end of puberty, that is, to twenty or twenty-two years.

The beginning stage of puberty for each individual, for someone it starts early (approximately nine years), someone later – fifteen years, the average value of the beginning of sexual development varies from twelve to thirteen years.
The size of a member before puberty does not significantly change absolutely.

During the beginning of the ripening symptoms such as hair growth on facial areas, groin and armpits; just increasing the size of the penis in all directions: both in length and in width; the foreskin reaches its perfect development; the skin of the penis and scrotum ogrubevaet, and the testicles also slowly but surely increase in size. Fourteen boys began to form a masculine figure, this period ends only twenty-two years old. At sixteen the boys are troubled by wet dreams, a night ejaculation.

Puberty is the period prior to the stage of ability to reproduce.

Is it possible to affect the growth of the penis?

Sometimes guys don't remain unhappy that were awarded by nature. They are looking for different ways to increase a member. There are special extenders - the kind of rods that are hung up on a member and contribute to its elongation. Men quite often leave positive feedback about this simulator.

Through self-stretching you can also increase the penis. The growth of this male organ also affected by this hormone, such as testosterone. Smoking negatively affects on the size of the penis, also the abuse of Smoking in men impaired potency, almost regardless of how many cigarettes a day he smokes.