General information about the operation. The stages and rates

The operation of change of sex recognized as the only method of treatment of transsexualism. This intervention is designed to eliminate the dissonance between the psychological and the physical sex of the person. In many countries, before you can amend the documents to require medical intervention. Full sex change surgical correction is not.

The cost of surgery depends on the desired floor and the country in which the procedure will be done. Change male to female - a phenomenon more common and has lower cost. High quality work guaranteed European countries. Germany ranks first in cost of operations such as new body parts are actually grown from their own cells.

The initial stage of sex change is the confirmation of transsexualism (mismatch of biological and social sex). This includes numerous studies, mental health Commission, a survey of physicians (gynecologist, urologist, endocrinologist). The second phase is a long – term hormonal therapy.

Further actions depend on whether a woman or a man. Below are the typical types of surgical procedures for a given situation.

Man-Woman. This includes plastic surgery to remove the breast, creating new muzheobraznymi the shape of the nipple, creating a relief of the breast, the removal of the female genitals, creating in their place a penis; the transplanted hair. Every intervention is a separate transaction, and therefore are paid differently.

A Man And A Woman. This includes: breast, thighs, drumsticks, remove the lower ribs, the removal of the testicles, vaginoplasty, removal of Adam's Apple, jaw reduction, lip, face.

Related procedures: blood tests, anesthesia, hospital, psychiatry, diagnostic testing, testing.

The average cost varies from 200 thousand to several million rubles. This does not include the amount of expensive hormonal drugs, which are used for a long time after surgery.

The consequences of sex change operations

As with any surgery, sex change adversely affects human health, after it have to go through quite a long recovery period. Well, if the patient remains satisfied with the appearance result, because everything needs to look real. Many are waiting for from doctors of the miracle, I hope that you Wake up healthy, but later realize that inside nothing has changed, and rugged after surgery the body may cause inconvenience for a long time.

Rare cases when it is possible to achieve the appearance of perfect proportions, mostly surrounding that person "something" and psychological pressure on the tranny is further increased.

We should also mention the extensive hormonal disorders in the body after such operations. Bodies break at all, after making the surgical modifications in the reproductive system, there is a favorable environment for the development of cancer, the consequences can be devastating.

Surgery for sex change in financial terms significantly less than the price that you pay later with their health, so it is best to carefully weigh all arguments before the surgery.