Training to increase

Because at heart all men are primarily males, the size of their penis is directly linked to their personal development and quality of life. To increase member at home, you will need a towel and any lubricant (grease). The structure of the penis includes three chambers: one small, which is located downstairs, and two large chambers at the top. The purpose of the lower chamber are urination and ejaculation, and the upper are responsible for the erection, therefore increasing your need them.

The main objective of the increase – the destruction of the cavernous bodies constituting the upper compartment: the destroyed cells will be replaced new, and the penis is slightly increased.

Prior to this manipulation, it is desirable to accurately measure the size of their Dicks with a ruler to navigate in the presence or absence of the outcome. The figures obtained, you must record and repeat the measurement weekly, carefully fixing any changes to them. And the penis need to be warmed up so as not to damage its fabric – to do this, wet a towel in hot water, applying it to the abdomen, checking the temperature and wrap the towel around the barrel of the cock, leaving it for three to five minutes. This procedure will increase the blood flow to increase body. After the penis to dry with a dry towel and lubricate with lubricant.

Exercises to increase

After warming up you go to the first stage of exercise – stretching. The penis to be careful to catch just below the head and gently pull him away, observing all precautions. Through this exercise, the ligaments of the penis are developed and extended, which in turn will increase the penis.

If you experience the slightest pain or discomfort stop immediately – you can pererastayut muscle.

After the first exercise, you go to the Arab method of penis enlargement, which is called "milking". For its implementation the member need to bring to a state of semi-erection, well lubricated with lubricant and doing the arm movements, imitating the milking cows. These exercises are to be performed without fanaticism, but regularly, giving the penis time to rest and recover. Side effect may be a slight weakening of erection, which subsides quickly. The first result will be visible already after a few months of regular exercise.