Mineral water "Essentuki" is extracted from multiple sources of the Spa resort of Caucasian Mineral Waters. The most popular types of therapeutic mineral waters are "Essentuki-4", "Essentuki-17", "Essentuki 2" and "Essentuki-20".

The number on the label of "Essentuki" means the number of wells from which the produced water. Mineral water from each well has a different chemical composition and properties.


This water is medicinal, and contains a complex of chlorides and hydrocarbons and mineralization is 8-10 grams of salt per liter. The medicinal properties of it is unique and has a General beneficial effect on the body.


Mineral water "Essentuki-17" the seventeenth is extracted from wells with a depth of over one kilometer. According to its taste and medicinal properties, it is unique.

From the wells the water is supplied by a special water and bottled directly on the place. Do to during transportation in tanks it has not lost its medicinal properties.

On the way from wells to bottle water is not in contact with air and keeps in its structure a unique complex of volatile substances, including natural carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide.

Mineralization "Essentuki-17" is 11-13 grams of salt per liter. Especially often this mineral water is used to treat and prevent chronic gastritis, colitis, liver diseases and diabetes.


This mineral water refers to the water table and has a low mineralization (not more than 2.5 grams per liter). In his composition "Essentuki-20' contains sulphates, chlorides, bicarbonates of calcium and sodium. Water is used to treat inflammation of the urinary tract.


"Essentuki-2 is perfect as a drink, thirst-quenching and appetite stimulating. It can also be used for the prevention of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Features of mineral water treatment

As a rule, the course of treatment "Essentuki" lasts from three to six weeks. Water is recommended to be taken on an empty stomach, one glass three times a day. Drink mineral water should in small SIPS.

It is not necessary to appoint a water treatment alone. Medicinal waters can be taken only on prescription. In the case of certain diseases the use of mineral water is contraindicated.