Sometimes there are situations when the soul climbs the worm of distrust of your beloved. Husband gets TEXTS, calls, begins to hide his phone or to talk to, go to another room. Of course, this can simply be friends or acquaintances, and he just doesn't want to let you hear what he says to them, but it could be a rival. To check the phone in several ways.


The first method is simple and banal, but it is associated with the risk of being caught at the crime scene. If the accused turns out to be innocent, serious scandal is provided to you. This method consists in the surveillance of the object.

When a spouse lose their vigilance and leave the phone within reach, and the excommunicated to the balcony to smoke, or shower, you need to act quickly to pick up the phone and see the messages and call history. If there is something interesting, you need to wait until the husband came back in the room and ask him a few questions. Continue to act according to the situation.

As you know, the way threat and is associated with some risk. You can do otherwise: to put to her husband "tail" and, if the suspicions are confirmed, then already armed with irrefutable evidence, proceed to the showdown.


In our age of high technology to run after a suspect, or to catch the moment when he leaves the phone in a conspicuous place, it is not necessary. Freely available on the Internet there are many programs that after installing them on the phone can give you the full picture of calls and messages sent from the suspect's phone. After all, very smart instances have a special SIM card, which is designed to perform just such compromising calls.

A special program will allow you to read messages and call logs even if the message was deleted. Some of these programs are illegal. Well, you're not going to use it with malicious intent.

Another way to know the correspondence or the content of calls, contact your service provider. And it may so happen that the correspondence or phone records you provide.

In General, follow and read other people's letters is a bad thing. There must be trust and understanding. Consider whether you need all of it. After all, if you read the message, understand its contents and wrong suit the scandal, what then? Family can fall apart in a matter of days or even hours. Trust your loved ones!