You will need
  • - access to the Internet.
Purchase to listen to conversations mobile phone. Please note that the majority of these programs are not more than just a trick of scammers, so pay attention to the reviews of users previously faced in working with similar software. Usually comes with two utilities for your computer and for your mobile device. Before installing the mandatory check files for viruses and malicious code, especially installed in the phone application.
Configure the program according to the instructions for your version, please pay attention to the compatibility of the mobile application platforms and operating system mobile phone. Enter the settings for connection devices for making calls. Mandatory features, consider the version of the program, even if previously you were dealing with such applications.
Please note that in most cases a program of wiretapping only work when they are running from the menu "Applications" in the phoneE. Also, some models of mobile devices require pre-flashing for installing tracking programs. In the case when you are dealing with a conventional phoneOhm, better DM to use the services of third-party services to organize the wiretapping.
Once you complete all the required steps, test your program by making a test call. Further, if the software is working correctly, refer to the additional functionality of the program in relation to the records of the conversation in the audio file on your computer, it is not available in every case. However, this feature is necessary when there is no one to carry out wiretap your conversations.