You will need
  • - napkin;
  • - screwdriver;
  • mobile phone;
  • - the antispyware equipment;
  • phone a specialist.
If you have any suspicion that your apartment was got the mechanical bug, start with a home inspection. Especially those places where in your opinion could be installed wire. Telephone, socket, bulb, and other items, as you could learn from the American fighters are particularly good places for listening devices. They need to examine with all care and caution.
In searching the bug, in any-case, don't shout about it all over the apartment, not talk about it with friends and family. In pursuit of its goal, try to pretend that doing ordinary weekly cleaning.
Poor quality listening devices under the influence of cellular communication can crackle and "fonit". So that your mobile phone is a good helper in the detection of eavesdropping.
If you're absolutely certain that when an important telephone conversation you are listening to someone unknown, in addition, you hear uncharacteristic for the usual phone call clicks, beeps, echo, muffled sounds – be sure to contact the experts who will help to clarify the cause of your "phone infirmity." Do not engage "self-medicate".
Use the services of anti-spyware equipment. These devices help to detect the signal from the listening devices, hidden video cameras, to protect against the interception of telephone lines, suppress record mini voice recorder, of course, if your enemies decided to take advantage of this kind of listening devices, and more.
Enlist your friends and relatives working in the field of law enforcement, if any. If they have the necessary powers, they will easily trace the cause of your anxiety and eliminate it.
If you have a suspicion that listens to you none other than the security service or other state organization, keep track of your speech and remember that risk is not always a noble cause.