The process of establishment and registration of political parties in Russia is regulated by the Federal law from June, 11th, 2001 № 95-FZ "About political parties" ( It defines the main provisions on what should be the structure of the party name and symbols, as well as the process of registration and list of required documents. So to start the creation of the party need to carefully study this law.
For the successful functioning of the party will need a lot of supporters. For example, for the official registration of the Federal law "On political parties" prescribes to score at least 100 thousand members of the party. But even if your future organization is still very far from this scale, do not worry. Be a party and not being registered. In our country a large number of unregistered political parties and organizations that successfully carry out their activities. Most importantly, the party had a clear structure and broad public support.
The creation of any party starts with the founding Congress. It did not require any government approval. The game is created since the adoption by the constituent Congress of the relevant decision and approval of the party program and its Charter.
As founders of a political party are the delegates of the founding Congress. After the official creation they become members. In some cases, political parties are not created in a vacuum, and are converted from existing public organizations or movements. In this case, the lot creation shall be the date of the relevant entry in the unified state register of legal entities.
The structure of the political party includes the Central management Committee and the regional office. Therefore, for success you need to try to spread the influence of the party on the largest possible number of regions of the country, attracting new supporters and sympathizers. The wider the network of regional offices, the more noticeable will be the impact of the activities of the organization and the easier it is subsequently to be the process of registration.