Create an initiative group. It should include at least three employees of your enterprise at the age of 14 years old, have Russian citizenship. Members of the initiative group can become members of the trade Union movement, and people planning to join a trade Union.
Guide the preparatory work. The initiative group needs to communicate with the majority of employees, to find out their attitude to the idea of creation of the primary trade Union organization, gather and summarize complaints and suggestions for the organization of labor. On the basis of statements of employees you will be able to make a conclusion about necessity of creation of trade Union link and the main directions of its activities.
Assign the date and time of the constituent Assembly. In order not to aggravate relations with the employer, spend it on neutral territory after hours. Invitation send to all employees, including managers. Inviting, convince colleagues, but do not insist on their presence. Participation in trade Union organizations is purely voluntary right of each.
Prepare the agenda of meetings and projects of constituent documents. The agenda should include the following main points:- creation of the primary trade Union organization, the choice of sector trade Union, registration of a legal entity;- the election of the Chairman of the primary organization, members of the trade Union Committee, members of the revision Commission;- approval of Provisions on the primary trade Union organization.
Swipe the constituent Assembly at the appointed time. Members of the initiative group, who are the founders of the primary trade Union organization, needs to make presentations (reports) on the goal and objectives of the Union, the advantages and prospects of the primary organization at the enterprise.
Allow meeting participants to ask all their questions. Be sure to discuss the necessity of the registration of the primary organization as a legal entity. The law does not require this in categorical terms. The primary organization, not formed a legal entity, transfer the right to conduct their financial statements to the regional Union. It is also important to choose the branch trade unions, parent link, which will direct and monitor the activities of your organization.
Familiarize the participants with the main points of the regulations on the primary trade Union organization. It must be prepared in accordance with applicable law. In position be sure to specify objectives, tasks, rights of the Union, its responsibilities to employees, relations with employer, the mechanism of entry into the Union and out of it, membership fees, regularity of the trade Union meetings, etc.
Guide secret or open voting on each agenda item. The results of the meeting will be reflected in the Protocol. It specify the date, time and place of the meeting, the number of participants. List the issues that have been discussed and the voting results. The Protocol will include a list of all present employees.
Notify the company's management on the establishment of the primary trade Union organization. Put the primary organization on record in the regional Council of trade unions.
If the decision on registration of the legal entity, contact the tax office at the location of your enterprise within a month from the moment of creation of the primary trade Union organization. Mandatory you must provide the originals or notarized copies of the regulations on the primary trade Union organization of the Protocol of the constituent Assembly, the list of participants of the Union. A complete list of required documents check with the state registration authority.