In order to establish non-commercial partnership, do not have to register as a legal entity. The organizers can be citizens. However, the law provides that a non-commercial partnership cannot be established by one person. The number of founders should be not less than two. The maximum number of participants of noncommercial partnership the law does not limited.
If you decide to create a non-commercial partnership, you need to make a common decision, together with the other founders. To do this, hold a meeting, consider it a question about the creation of the partnership and approve its Statute. Together with other participants you may conclude a constituent agreement.
In order to register a non-commercial partnership, please contact the tax authorities at the place of residence with a package of documents which includes:- the decision of founders on establishment of the nonprofit partnership;- the decision of founders on registration of legal entities, which shall be in the form of minutes and contains questions on the establishment of a legal entity, approval of the Charter, election of management bodies;- the Charter of the nonprofit partnership;- founding agreement, if a decision was made on its drafting.
In the bylaws of your non-profit partnership must contain information about name, organizational-the legal form, the location, the management, the subject and purposes of activity. In addition, the Charter should disclose information about the composition and competence of management bodies, rights and duties of members of nonprofit partnership, the conditions and procedure for entry into the partnership and exit, the sources of assets, etc.
The property of the nonprofit partnership you can form of regular and one-time membership fee, voluntary property contributions and donations revenue from sales of products, works, services, dividends, income received from property and other sources.