You will need
  • For registration of the NGO in the judiciary will need the following documents:
  • 1. 2 copies of the Declaration on the establishment of public organizations, signed by members of the continuously functioning of the governing body of the public organization.
  • 2. 3 copies of the Charter of the public organization.
  • 3. information about the founders.
  • 4. receipt for payment of registration fee.
  • 5. extract from the minutes of the meeting of members of public organization, which provides information on its establishment, approval of Charter, appointment of the auditing body.
  • 6. principal activities of public organizations.
  • 7. information about its chief accountant.
  • 8. information about the Bank in which the public organization is to open an account.
  • 9. documents on the legal address of the organization.
Public organization - a voluntary Association of physical persons or legal entities to achieve common goals and protect their common interests. Their main purpose does not include profit, and between members of the organization possible profit is not distributed. Registration of public organizations is carried out in the Ministry of Justice of Russia (its territorial body, depending on the region). The entry in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities (EGRUL) information on the establishment of public associations is performed by the tax Inspectorate's decision on justice. For registration of the public organization must pay the state fee - 4000 rubles. To create a public organization may not be less than three persons (physical or legal).
The documents in the body of justice may best be conveyed in person. Registration of the public organization takes quite a long time (at least months). If the legal authority has decided to register a public organization, it sends to the tax office the necessary information and documents for entering information in the register, the Tax Inspectorate shall make information in the register within 5 days.
The process of preparation of documents for registration of public organizations is quite complex, so a good option would be to contract with a law firm specializing in registration of non-commercial legal entities. the Minimum cost of registration in this case will be not less than 12,000 rubles.