You will need
  • - speaking skills;
  • - carefully thought-out PR.
For such an important profession as politician, member of the leadership of the country, should prepare themselves a young age. If you didn't like to read, skipping lessons and lectures at the University, and now as a result - poorly versed in history, literature, political science, etc., then you will be more difficult. Samosovershenstvovaniya, for example, read biographies of famous politicians, books about psychology, about body language. If you're bright and strong-willed individual, you will achieve your goals.
The sooner you set yourself installation to become a Manager, the more likely your chances. In the administration and in the state Duma any city there is youth public organization, ask about it, and possibly join them. Exercise is useful for population Affairs, help children, disabled persons and veterans. Gain credibility, collaborate with the media, give interviews, in General, be in sight.
No one will bring a good job for you on a silver platter. The area where you want to go, has many competitors. The easiest way to be in some kind of movement or party using, ask their relatives and acquaintances whether they will be able to help you.
Pro-actively monitor the opening positions in the administration and the Duma. Every 4 years elections are held, try to participate in them. You can try to get an assistant Deputy, it is not so difficult in the presence of higher education, foreign language skills and self-confidence.
Much easier to get into politics, if you already held in your profession, for example, are famous in the city doctor, musician or actor. Maybe you are a successful businessman and leader. Define your political views and position, let the interview that you wanted to change in your own country, what would you like to improve. The confidence of the people, the popularity and competent PR will help you in your endeavors.