You will need
  • - the Charter of the Union;
  • - list of members;
  • - registration as a legal entity;
  • - tax registration;
  • Declaration.
First, the founders must hold a meeting at which a decision will be made on the establishment of the Union established by its Statute, a list of members, elected leadership, and signed the Foundation agreement. Not superfluous and the signing of the Declaration, which includes goals and objectives of the Association.
Keep in mind that for registration of the Association it is necessary to collect some documents and submit them to the Ministry of justice of the Russian Federation. These include: application, information about the founders, the Charter of the Association (in duplicate), list of members of the leadership of the Union, minutes of meeting, certificate of legal address and payment receipt of the registration fee.
In addition, you will need to register a legal entity. As soon as you receive the registration certificate of the Union established, you will need to make some actions: to register (to INN), to extract from the state register of legal entities, produce the print, to obtain documents from the social security and Medicare, as well as from the pension Fund. Don't forget to open a Bank account of the Association and then report it to the IRS.
Register your own logo (sign). Implementation though is not mandatory, but may be useful.
A lot depends on what the management structure of the Union you choose. It can be of three types. The first — established and managed by volunteers. This model will facilitate the active participation of all members in the Association's activities. But without the disadvantages there has not been: a similar structure will foster frequent change of policy and the decision-making process will be rather long due to the lack of organizational control.
To control the Union can also hire special staff. This is the second scheme. Its undoubted advantages are the quick decision making, good co-ordination. The disadvantage is that the members of the Association may well lose interest in its activities. Then it will be difficult to engage in active work. No less difficult is to organize cooperation of the hired personnel and staff members.
And although the ideal model of governance does not exist, the most convenient and appropriate is balanced. It gathered all the advantages of these two structures and get rid of the possible drawbacks. When balanced leadership responsibilities will be clearly delineated, and for the effective functioning of the selected single head.