If you have the skills to inject people, then to put the shot of the kitten you will also be very easy. First of all, prepare well - check with the specialists necessary nuances. For example, you need to know at what point it is better to get a shot to avoid hurting a vein or a nerve pet. The first procedure can be done in the hospital to see how injected.
как делать внутри мышечные инъекции собаке
Purchase a disposable syringe, preferably insulin. The needle that comes with it to set, thin enough and small. It is comfortable to use and will not cause the kitten is in severe pain.
обезболивающее для собаки
Thoroughly rinse the hands and fill the syringe the drug. Then sprinkle a few drops to release the needle stuck in the air.
как ставить укол собаке
Prior to injection treat a kitten that he loves the most. So your pet will behave calmly.
в мышечные уколы кошке
A shot of the kitten in two ways – subcutaneously and intramuscularly. In the first case, grab the skin of the pet on the back of the neck so as to form a crease. It should be injected. Hold the syringe parallel to the spine of the animal and make sure that the tip of the needle did not go on the other side.
как колоть уколы коту картиники
The second method is a little more complicated. Lay the kitten on its side with its paws in your side. Now fix the front paws with your left hand, and the rear – right, leaving the palm free. Hold the syringe and gently insert the needle into the thigh to a depth of about a centimeter and a half. The injection needs to be done in the point where more muscles.
Probably during the procedure, the kitten will start to get nervous, to meow loudly or break out. You can speak to him gentle words to catch your calm tone.
Once you have managed to get a shot of the kitten, cuddle it.