The birth of a child is a significant event in the life of any family, and its occurrence is associated with numerous new cares and problems to solve that can only a man. This is why we need to take care about the appearance of your output at work that will help to free up time for all required activities related to the replenishment of the family. Employers are usually reluctant to provide additional rest time fathers of newborns, although the law imposes a duty on any organisation or individual entrepreneur.

How to implement the right to rest husband the birth of a child?

Formally, the additional rest time provided to the father at the birth of a child is called unpaid leave. That is why these weekends are virtually identical to those days which the employee receives by agreement with the employer (without pay). The difference is that at birth the company has the right to refuse the father to grant such holiday time. Its duration can be up to five calendar days, and for the realization of the right concerned father enough to write a letter, attaching copies of documents confirming the birth of a child. The statement should clearly outline their own request for unpaid leave, but you can specify the desired length (within five days), start date and base.

Can we count on the provision of paid leave?

Labour legislation does not provide for the mandatory provision of the father of the child paid leave in connection with birth. A corresponding obligation for the employer apply only to leisure time without charge. But such policies can set in the internal acts, which is quite acceptable, as is an additional guarantee for employees. The practice of providing such guarantees is common among large enterprises. If the employer refuses to provide unpaid leave, the employee should submit a complaint to the Supervisory authorities (the Prosecutor's office, labor Inspectorate), which will allow us to eliminate the violation and obtain additional rest time, the right to which is provided by the Labour code.