You will need
  • - certificate of ownership;
  • - excerpt from EGPR;
  • help from the administration;
  • - certificate from USCC;
  • - the information from tax inspection;
  • - extract from the household book.
If you sell the land, and buyers need to provide documentary evidence that the land belongs to you, then you can submit the certificate of ownership is the main document confirming the right to land.
In addition to the certificate of ownership you can request an extract from PPR. Archive registration centre has all the information about all the owners who owned the site previously. Pay the fee for issuance of information in the amount of 100 rubles and you will be given a full and detailed statement.
All the information about the sites and the owners are local administration, as it is the local municipality provides and distributes all the land and pass a resolution on the transfer of their property. Therefore, in order to provide documentary evidence of who owns the land contact the administration, write a statement and get a certificate signed by the head of the district.
All parcels undergo survey prior to issue of property rights. Therefore, information about the customer who applied for surveying are USCC. Please contact the registration center inventory and mapping, make a request and get the information about the customer.
All land owners pay land tax. Therefore, in the tax office have accurate information on the payer, full name, home address and other details. Contact the district tax office and ask for information.
If the land was given under the cottage, information about the one to whom it was issued, the Board of a horticultural society. Contact the Chairman of the partnership and ask them to give you an extract from the household book.
From all this it follows that to prove the documented who owns the land in several documents, which is enough to be sure that the land belongs to the person who sells it.