You will need
  • - application form ADV-1;
  • - birth certificate of the child;
  • - the passport of one of parents.
For many parents, there is a reasonable poll: why would a child need a social security number if his pension will be formed only when it reaches adulthood. In fact, the account number will be required for registration of medical policy, appointment in electronic form, benefits, various social benefits, etc. services.
For registration SNILS initially you need to download and fill out an application form ADV-1. The form can be found on the official website of the FIU. The statement include information about the child: name, gender, date and place of birth, nationality, address of registration and residence, a contact number and details of the birth certificate. It remains to certify the document with his signature.
In Russia now there is the possibility of electronic submission of applications for obtaining SNILS to the FIU. This option is not implemented or on the website public Services, nor on the official website of the Fund. To apply for obtaining SNILS and pick it up in person one of the parents. The only plus that the presence of the child is not required.
Completed application form ADV-1 together with copies of passports and birth certificates pass to the authorized body. This can be the PFR or the MFC. In the latter case, you can save time and pre-register for the scheduled time for registration.
Within three weeks after the transfer of documents SNILS will be ready. You have to take it in the Pension Fund. IFC for issuance of the document do not answer, they only transmit the applications to state bodies.