Categories of taxpayers

In Russia there are four categories of documents on statement on the tax account. Certificate on assignment of individual tax number looks very similar, but the data in them are different. It documents such as:

- the certificate on assignment of individual tax number natural person;
- INN of the legal person;
- INN of the individual businessman;
- the certificate on statement on the account on the child, not having a passport.

In each case it is necessary to write the application. This can be done in person at the tax authority at the place of residence (or place of registration of the legal person), as well as by mail or over the Internet. Most Russians are faced with the problem of obtaining the INN of the physical person or of the certificate of the child.

What documents are needed

To obtain INN of the physical person must submit a statement in form No. 2-2 Account and identity document (usually the passport with which you want to rent in advance a photocopy). A special application form. The form may be obtained from the Inspectorate of the Federal tax service, or downloaded from the official website of the IRS. The statement includes information about the taxpayer, the data on the passport, the address of the place of registration and the same address. Part of the data to be filled in block letters. In some graphs it is necessary to set "bird".

If you lose the INN and decided to restore, will have to pay the fee and present the receipt. The relevant tax authority was issued after 5 days from the date of application. In some cases clients prefer to send documents by mail. To make it better the certified mail with the investment inventory. INN to you personally by a tax authority and also a registered letter.

The receipt was for the child

Russian citizen gets a passport in 14 years. From that moment on he can make and was, for example, for the device to work temporarily in youth labor group. The procedure is no different from that provided for adult citizens, that is, a young man presents to the tax office statement, passport and a photocopy of it, and in case of restoration of certificate – receipt of payment of fees. If the child is not yet 14 years old, take care of getting INN needs one of the parents or legal representatives. It shall apply to the Inspectorate of Federal tax service by place of residence and submit the following documents:

- the statement;
- Russian passport with registration;
- a photocopy of the passport;
- birth certificate of the child;
- photocopy of birth certificate of the child.

The application should be made on a form No. 2-2 Record.

Legal entities and entrepreneurs

For legal entities, the taxpayer identification number is mandatory, without the proper certificate, the firm may not be registered as an individual entrepreneur. The procedure is a little different from that contemplated for natural persons. Are the same documents. Differ only in number – in the certificate for a legal entity, it consists of 10 digits.