Saprophytes – it ticks-parasites, which belong to the phylum Arthropoda family of spider of the genus Acarida. Mites-saprophytes living at home, feed on household dust and dead particles of dead human skin. These creatures are very prolific: in 4 months of their existence, they lay up to 300 eggs. In 1 gram of household dust may be present several thousand of these mites. Now imagine how many of them you can accumulate in an apartment, if you consider that in an average year in our homes produces about 40 kg of dust? To see mites-saprophytes to the naked eye is impossible, because they reach a length of from 0.1 mm to 0.5 mm.

The living conditions of mites-saprophytes

Mites-saprophytes grow quickly in everyday conditions, especially in bedrooms, where moderately humid (60-80% humidity) and warm (20-25 degrees Celsius). Here dust mites will always find their favorite food – particles of human skin. Per day a person loses about 1.5 grams of dead skin a year, this figure increases to 2 kg. it Turns out that people give mites-saprophytes everything necessary for their prosperous existence. Therefore, even after a thorough cleaning from allergies can begin Allergy attacks, as in pillows, quilts and mattresses settled hordes saprophytes.

What is dangerous mites-saprophytes

Themselves dust mites are harmless as they do not bite people, not spread infection and does not interfere with sleep. The danger is the feces of these tiny creatures, which are very toxic and allergens. One tick is capable of producing excrement 200 times its weight. Interacting with the dust, which already accumulates a lot of harmful substances and microbes, saprophytes pose a serious threat to human health. Just think of these numbers: 10% of earthlings suffer from allergies, every year the army of Allergy sufferers replenish 35-40 million people, 85% of all allergic diseases occur in domestic violence, 5-6% of children in Russia suffer from bronchial asthma, 6-7% of all cases of asthma are fatal.

How to get rid of dust mites

To get rid of harmful mites-saprophytes will help frost and sun. At low temperature mites die very quickly, detrimental effect on them and direct sunlight. So pillows, blankets and mattresses must from time to time to make the street or on the balcony, to take air and sun baths. While your pillows and blankets lying on the cold or sunbathe in the sun, prepare a 20% salt solution and spend damp cleaning of premises. Carpets and upholstered furniture, treat with steam. Bedding assemble, wash in hot water (saprophytes are killed at temperatures above 65 degrees Celsius) and carefully iron. 8-10 years change the mattresses every 2-3 years – pillows.