Folk methods of dealing with ticks

The most common and effective method is to deter ticks with specific odors plants. Sage, rose geranium, rosemary, pennyroyal and Catnip, garlic, marigolds will help to get rid of parasites in a relatively short time. It is necessary to lay out the plants in areas with large concentrations of pests. The sharp smell will repel ticks for a couple of hours. Will also help to get rid of them and essential oil. It is enough to drip on the ground about the tick.

Good spray mixture, which consists of 14-16 drops of geranium oil and 2 tablespoons of almond oil. Geranium oil can be replaced with palmarosa. This mixture is stored for a long time in a cool place, so you can prepare poison for the whole season. Set traps in your yard, after a day of ticks you will not see. To the point of impact on tick it is possible to use similar components. You need to mix a glass of water, a small amount of pure alcohol and 3 tsp of geranium oil. Pour the mixture into a regular spray bottle and keep it always at hand.

Chemicals from ticks

Chemicals for the control of mites are divided into several groups: acaricidal, repellent, acaricide-repellent.

Acaricidal agents have toxic effects, that is breaking the behavior of the mites. He can't bite human or animal and, ultimately, dies. Among such remedies is the most popular – Permanon", which is sold in an aerosol container and Prefix" crayons. When getting these funds on the tick and with him, the insect gets food poisoning, the coordination of his movements is disturbed and the larvae die.

Repellent means deter pests. These include "Acrosol," "Gal-RET", "Biban" that occur in the form of aerosols. These funds are intended for surface treatment of the body from the mites, but also good for use on the site. You can put on the site next to the cluster of ticks repellent-impregnated fabric, it will scare them in the next few minutes. This matter may be left in for 3-5 days, and then ceases to act on the parasites.

Acaricide-repellent means can simultaneously scare and disturb the behavior of the parasite. "KRA-rap" - the best drug among acaricide-repellency of money for the destruction of ticks.

Other tips

To mites did not appear on your site, as often as necessary to mow lawns, rake leaves, remove the remnants of plants and food from the earth. You can also make a small barrier to deter ticks from the gravel.

Mouse – pokoritel larval ticks. From them larvae transmitted tick-borne encephalitis, therefore, to prevent the appearance of mites, use mousetraps and bear traps.