Ticks can meet not only in the forest area on the territory of Russian Federation but also in parks and gardens. It is not excluded a meeting with the parasite even in an urban environment in the territories overgrown with grass and shrubs.

In a pine forest mites settle rarely, only in case of favorable conditions for survival. If the forest is overgrown with grass, bushes, there are uncleared deposits of fallen trees, there is felling, heated by the sun and sufficient moisture level is the most favorable conditions under which the reproduction of the mites will be most active. So the myth that to visit the pine forest is perfectly safe, has nothing to do with reality.

Mites it does not matter in a forest to settle. Importantly, the conditions were favorable. In a pine forest in the beds of fallen trees inhabited by a huge number of rodents. They inhabit the larvae of the parasite live and until then, until they turn into nymphs – an intermediate state between a tick larva and adult fish.

In dry pine forest, where there are thickets, fallen trees and felling, ticks are rare. But when you visit any forests, do not forget about security measures. Clothing should fit snugly to the body, the pants need to fill in the boots or shoes, be sure to remove the hair under the scarf or thick hat, sprinkle with all things spray designed to repel ticks.

When the tick all-taki has stuck, you should immediately contact the nearest hospital. If you reside in endemic areas, you will be given an injection of immunoglobulin, which can help prevent tick-borne encephalitis.

In the absence of the ability to pay a visit to the doctor, the tick must be carefully tie a strong thread to pull and loosening movements. If the head of the insect is left in the skin to remove it can be disinfected with a needle like a thorn. Then hurry to the hospital. You will catch a parasite in the glass container, to be able to examine him if necessary.