You will need
  • Sol;
  • special tick medications;
  • - a steam cleaner.
Create home ticks the conditions in which they are not adapted to exist. In the winter cold day, take out all pillows, blankets and mattresses on the street. Carefully vyhodite from dust and clean. Ultraviolet rays have a disinfectant properties. Every day wet cleaning with salt solution. In a liter of warm water dissolve 20 g of salt. Apply with a sponge all surfaces subject to wet cleaning.
Soft toys are another habitat home ticks. Do not forget to wash them. If this cannot be done, you can put the toy for a few hours in freezer or stand on the street in the winter time. Replace thick curtains to light curtains or blinds. Enough dust gathers on the bookshelves. Try to regularly clean them. Buy a Cabinet with glass doors.
Every week change bed linen. Washing should be carried out in the water is not below 60 degrees C. at this temperature mites are killed. Dry and iron with a hot iron. Store clean linen in a dry room.
Dispose of the old mattress. Over time, it accumulates a large number of dead particles of skin and dust. In modern mattresses, natural fillings replaced by artificial, in which dust mites are not adapted to existence. The same applies to pillows and blankets.
Mites do not tolerate high humidity. A steam cleaner is a good option for urban apartments where dry and polluted air. Can hang on the battery wet hot towel as they dry to change him.
In addition to the natural means of dealing with domestic mites is chemical. Get special medication. These include tick sprays, foams and solutions. To apply them you need 1 every 4 months. Over this period there is a complete formation of dust mites.