Upon detection of the first signs of scabies be sure to disinfect everything in the house and in the workplace: peristerite and fix things (in the winter hang them in the cold, itch mites are killed at low temperatures), RUB the alcohol solution, everything you touched before that (door handles, armrests and so on).
Find out if your surrounded by cases of cessationism mite that, after the treatment of your disease does not recur in contact with these people.
Consult a dermatologist, the doctor carried out the necessary diagnosis and prescribed the right drugs to kill itch mites.
Drug medifox. Prepare the emulsion by adding 8 ml of product in 100 ml of water at room temperature. Process the body for three days.
The spregal – remedy that is well suited for children. Every night for 7 days, then RUB the remedy into the skin of the patient. But it is possible that when applying this ointment, you may receive skin dermatitis and burning sensation in the affected areas.
Treatment of folk remedies. Buy ointment benzilbenzoata. Smear it over the course of six days the whole body except the head and neck in a thin layer. Upon completion of the course in the course of a week, lubricate the body cosmetic oil, after having a shower. Also, instead of benzyl can use kerosene, gasoline, diesel fuel. But it is more sadistic approach to solving the problem with cessationism mite.
Take a warm shower. Before the use of all drugs mandatory wash in the shower with a washcloth and soap. This will help to wash off ticks from the body and prepare the skin to more effective "adoption" of the drug. But if body already have blisters, then shower is better to exclude.
Preventive measures to avoid disease. Be sure to wash your hands with soap upon returning home, avoid any unnecessary contact with various objects in public places.