Advice 1: How to get rid of dust mites

Book and house dust, along with its microscopic inhabitants – ticks – strong household allergen. Themselves dust mites are not dangerous, but after themselves they leave a lot of waste products, toxic to the human body. To completely get rid of these invisible to the naked eye microorganisms cannot but try to make your home Allergy-free.
How to get rid of dust mites

The first thing you need to do in the fight against dust mites is to leave unnecessary things from collecting and accumulating dust: carpets, hides, heavy curtains, Drapes and an abundance of soft toys. Pillows with feather fillings are often put on bright sun or frost for ventilation, take to the cleaners, because to wash and dry the pen alone is quite difficult. It would be better if you replace them with the alternative – pillows with polyester, holofayber, or other synthetic fibers.

The best way to get rid of dust – wet cleaning, which is better to do each day. Before you wash the floor, vacuum all the fabric and floor coverings. Keep in mind that conventional vacuum cleaners almost 30% of dust left in the air. Therefore, the ideal option for the home – the washing vacuum cleaner with aquafiltering. The dust in these devices is destroyed in water, settling on the surfaces, and the vacuum cleaner during works and cleans and humidifies the air.

The furniture and appliances regularly wipe with a damp cloth or antibacterial wipes, impregnated by special means. Helps to get rid of dust mites and 20%-s ' solution of salt, if you cleanse all surfaces in the house. Bed linen change once a week and water when washing add Garcinia and antikleschevuyu supplements. For humans they are safe, but for microorganisms detrimental.

Mattresses and upholstered furniture can be cleaned in the following manner. Soak in water old sheet or a piece of cloth cover her sofa, and then carefully emboss it with a stick-a rug beater. The extent of contamination, rinse the sheets in warm water and repeat until the fabric won't stay clean. After knocking out vacuum upholstered furniture heat the iron and iron the sofa, turning on the steam function. From this procedure, living in furniture mites will die and you will once again walk on the surface of a vacuum cleaner to remove the remains of dead organisms.

Salvation for those suffering from dust mites people who are cleaners with water filter. These devices clean the air of even the most fine dust and harmful microorganisms.

Advice 2: How to get rid of mites

Mites exist in every apartment, even if it has a constant purity. Usually they live in large clusters of dust - soft toys, bedding, and blackout curtains. Themselves dust mites are not dangerous. They do not bite and do not suck blood. Harm cause the products of their vital activity. To avoid becoming a victim of domestic mites, you need to conduct a series of simple steps.
How to get rid of mites
You will need
  • Sol;
  • special tick medications;
  • - a steam cleaner.
Create home ticks the conditions in which they are not adapted to exist. In the winter cold day, take out all pillows, blankets and mattresses on the street. Carefully vyhodite from dust and clean. Ultraviolet rays have a disinfectant properties. Every day wet cleaning with salt solution. In a liter of warm water dissolve 20 g of salt. Apply with a sponge all surfaces subject to wet cleaning.
Soft toys are another habitat home ticks. Do not forget to wash them. If this cannot be done, you can put the toy for a few hours in freezer or stand on the street in the winter time. Replace thick curtains to light curtains or blinds. Enough dust gathers on the bookshelves. Try to regularly clean them. Buy a Cabinet with glass doors.
Every week change bed linen. Washing should be carried out in the water is not below 60 degrees C. at this temperature mites are killed. Dry and iron with a hot iron. Store clean linen in a dry room.
Dispose of the old mattress. Over time, it accumulates a large number of dead particles of skin and dust. In modern mattresses, natural fillings replaced by artificial, in which dust mites are not adapted to existence. The same applies to pillows and blankets.
Mites do not tolerate high humidity. A steam cleaner is a good option for urban apartments where dry and polluted air. Can hang on the battery wet hot towel as they dry to change him.
In addition to the natural means of dealing with domestic mites is chemical. Get special medication. These include tick sprays, foams and solutions. To apply them you need 1 every 4 months. Over this period there is a complete formation of dust mites.

Advice 3: How to get rid of mites in cats

Many people think that ear mites is the only problem of stray animals. But unfortunately, even Pets are not protected from this disease. Therefore, it is important to regularly inspect the ears of cats. In that case, if in the ears of the animal was discovered black dots, large amounts of sulfur, similar to cereals, the urgent need to start treatment.
How to get rid of mites in cats
Upon detection of ear mites animal it is best to take a veterinary clinic or call a doctor at home. The doctor will show you how to handle the ears of the kitten. But if this is not possible, you can help your pet by yourself.
There are many means of dealing with ear mites, for example, "Amit", "Amarain", "Dekta" (the latter drug is the most toxic, so it is not recommended for use in the treatment of kittens). First, you need to carefully swaddle the animal in a towel or procedural bag, leaving outside only the head. Then, pulling the eye upward, move the tip of the bubble to the opening and squeeze out one drop of medication. After that, bend the ear of the cat and gently massage it to cure not resulted and did not get into the eyes. In addition, you can use mineral oil to animal licked a poisonous drug. If that happened, then give the pet as much milk.
Also the animal can cure ear mites with oil. To do this, drip three to five drops into the ear hole. Oil will destroy the mites and will have a soothing effect on the ears. Veterinarians practicing non-standard treatment, it is recommended to use almond or olive oil (in any case, do not use tea tree oil – it is extremely dangerous for the animal). To enhance the therapeutic effect, you should soak overnight a few crushed cloves of garlic in oil. This procedure is preferably carried out once a day for a month.
Remember that dirt in the ears of an animal may protect ticks from the meds. Therefore, before you drip the oil it is desirable to clean the cat's ears.
To mites never came back, you should give them Echinacea. This plant strengthens the immune system, help the cat to deal with pests. Echinacea is preferably added to the diet of cats within two weeks after treatment.
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