The desire to become a translator, you may receive many future high school graduates or even Mature people. The profession of a translator is quite promising, profitable, connected with knowledge of foreign languages, and that in itself bodes well: it is possible and abroad to communicate freely, and literature with the films in the original study.

However, all can become the translator and, most importantly, how they become?

Select the direction

It is wrong to assume that it is possible to study to become a translator once, and the rest of his career with the same skill to be able to translate both technical and literary texts, led the tour in the form of a guide-interpreter, being an interpreter for business or translated simultaneously in conferences. It's completely different activities of a translator, to do everything impossible.

So the first thing you need to do is to decide on a specialization. Ask yourself the question: what you do best: present information orally or in writing, to work in technical, literary field or to communicate with people? What you are most interested to work in the fields of service and hospitality or business documents? Only then can you choose an educational institution and to apply for a particular course.

Don't be afraid of the new

Even if you have no specialty of a professional translator, you can work in this field. Condition is, of course, a good level of a foreign language. If you have long lived abroad, studied English intensively in courses or in school, learned the language yourself, you can become a translator.

It is possible to obtain the certificate of courses of improvement of qualification. The duration of the courses vary from 3 months to 1.5 years depending on the chosen profession. Many higher education institutions offer to obtain an additional degree to the main for a very short-term course, if you already have received higher education. Ultimately, you can enroll in a second degree and at the beginning of acquiring a new profession to begin work as a translator. The main thing is to negotiate with the company and employer.

Getting a job as a translator can do without a diploma, if you take orders as a freelancer. And many usual employers, the main thing is your knowledge and skills, not a diploma, received a long time ago. So if you can show that you are a professional in the business – before you open the door to a new profession.