You will need
  • - money for education;
  • - certificate of graduation;
  • - certificate of passing the international exam in English.
Improve your English to a level sufficient for learning. Subsequently, he will need to confirm one of the official language examinations, such as IELTS. Points needed depend on the requirements of your chosen University.
Complete the preparation for higher education in England. Graduates of schools and high school students must pass a two-year apprenticeship in one of the specialized centres for foreigners at A-level. It is equivalent to high school English high school and is necessary because in Russia secondary education is twelve, and ten years. Another option is the completion of the program Fordation lasting a year and designed primarily to improve the English level of the applicant. Those who studied in a Russian University at least two years, additional programs will be optional.
Select the Universityyou want to do. Focus on the most important parameters. This may be the position of the University in the international ranking or its good location. Also, the base may be the specifics of the proposed educational program.
Find out all the conditions of admission on the website educational institutions: the list of required documents, the cost of education, availability of scholarship or funding for a foreigner. Prepare and translate into English all the necessary papers, among which should be your assessment for the Russian or English exams and qualifications. The collected documents need to be send to the University. Please note that the submission of documents can begin with a large margin of time, for example, a year before the desired school.
Wait for a response from the University. If a positive decision you will be able to start registration of the British visa for the student.