You will need
  • - Russian language
  • - foreign language
  • - literature
  • - history
Knowledge base for future linguists laid in the school. For those who want to link their lives with linguistics, special attention must be paid to such school subjects as Russian language, literature, foreign language and history. Well, if the profile of the school (class) will have the appropriate specialization. It is useful to participate in language competitions, to visit special clubs and further engage with Tutors. When learning a foreign language is useful to travel to countries where people speak this language.
Vocational training of linguists takes place on a linguistic or philological faculties of universities. The most famous higher educational institutions in Russia where you can get a degree in linguistics Moscow state linguistic University (MSLU), Russian state pedagogical University named after A. I. Herzen in St. Petersburg (St.) and St. Petersburg state University (SPbSU). For students it is important to obtain excellent exam results in Russian and foreign language and literature or history (depending on the requirements of the University). Those who graduated before 2009 will have to pass the internal tests of a particular institution.
Linguistic education can be obtained in person, by correspondence or distance form. Full-time form of training – the most effective, especially useful for those who receive the first education. Distance learning is chosen by people who combine work with study. The distance form popular among the experts, receiving the second higher education.
Receive language education as the second highest – the path of personal development and growth on the career ladder. But in this case the learning process will necessarily be paid. In addition, not every employer is ready to release the slave for the session. Higher education institutions are to meet these students: make up a convenient schedule, loyal to deadlines, and exams provide the opportunity to study remotely.
To linguistic or philological education in the College (secondary vocational education). Arrive here immediately after the ninth grade. Having the necessary skills for employment at the assistant linguist or a philologist, you can master all the subtleties of this work in the process.
Linguistics is a wide range of opportunities to work in many areas. Professional knowledge of foreign language allows to find a decent job and provide a stable career.