In human society the status of alpha male, becoming people who have leadership qualities and the pursuit guideline. They're powerful people, accustomed to command, able to achieve much in life, but in sexual relations prefer one-time relationship. Despite this, the alpha male has always enjoyed popularity among women. After all, the woman as a female is instinctively try to mate the best males. And the best not only in their physical qualities, but also social status. According to studies, the typical alpha from birth have an increased level of serotonin and testosterone. These hormones and give men the qualities of alpha males.
The alpha male can be distinguished even at first glance. Being in the company, he intervenes in all conversations, even without being familiar with the participants in the conversation and understanding of the subject matter. But the other men inexplicably put up with his behavior, acknowledge his status as a leader, instinctively feel natural superiority. Men with pronounced inborn leadership qualities a bit – approximately 5% of the male population of the planet
Often alpha males, using the attention from the women too are addicted to yourself and sexual relations, and not achieving notable success in his career. However, there are exceptions when alpha manages to achieve heights in life, in business and in love Affairs. As among animals, women their first sexual experience gain with the alpha male. And often that contact happens. If a married woman suddenly get a lover, but again in most cases it will be alpha. But, as a rule, such relations are more than a year last and the man switches on the search for a new sexual partner.
For the alpha male love and marriage are completely different concepts. Love, in their understanding, has the purpose of sexual relations, not cohabitation and joint household. That is why alpha rarely tie the knot. And if that happens, to his wife quickly cool down, start treating her as a maid. And then get divorced or start to run left and right. Therefore, women seeking to retain a male leader, should seriously consider whether they need such spouse.
Drawing Parallels with the Zoological classification, the rest of the men can be divided into several types. Beta-males are men, the similar qualities of the alpha, but never achieved this status. In any society there can only be one alpha male and those who lost the fight for status of leader, become a bet. Gamma males – men that stands out from the gray mass, but not possessing leadership qualities. Epsilons - there is a "gray mass". Omega – socially handicapped people, losers, misfits, lovers of beer, couch and TV.