What you need to work in a taxi

Before you get into a taxi, we need to decide whether you want to work on your car or on the.

In the first case, you will need radio equipment and license for taxi (it is usually issued free of charge by the Department of transport). License in the future can save you from problems with the tax and traffic police.

Some companies provide their drivers the radio, sometimes they can offer to buy them at their own expense. In addition, the vehicle taxi driver must be equipped with taximeter and the special light sign. It is worth considering that if you wish to work in the firm, and yourself, you need to get the IP, and pay the legal costs.

Requirements for taxi drivers

So, have you already decided which cab company you want to get a job as a driver. Remember that in any serious firm, whether it is a taxi cab company or taxi dispatcher you need to pass an interview.
Many companies recruit only those who have driving experience not less than 3-6 years. Usually this point is directly indicated in the job advertisement.

At the same time for you will be a big plus if:
- you have a driving license of any category (categories);
- driving experience not less than 5 years;
- your age not less than 25 years;
- you are well guided on the ground which will run your route;
- you have experience in other taxi firms is good advice;
- you have a certificate from a psychiatrist and the psychiatrist confirming that you are not a member, they have registered;
- you do not have criminal or administrative liability;
- you were not previously in a serious accident;
- you know how to use DVRs, GPS navigators, etc.
Local knowledge is necessary not only to taxi companies for passengers, but also for transport companies for the delivery of goods.

In addition, the big plus will be the qualities of neat appearance, politeness, punctuality and integrity.

However, it is worth considering that different taxi firms have their own personnel requirements. Somewhere the age was not important and the experience needed is 3 years old, and somewhere you will also need to know a foreign language. Which company is most advantageous to get — you decide. Do not forget that working in a taxi sometimes is dangerous, it requires the driver to cope with stress and certain knowledge of human psychology.