You will need
  • portfolio.
To begin, select few theaters in which you would like to work. To do this, read information online, view the community in social networks. Nice to talk with people already working there, if you have to understand the specifics, pitfalls. If possible, visit several performances of the theater, feel the atmosphere and direction, how close is she to you. Focus that set in theaters, takes place mostly in the beginning of the season in August and September. Although the exception can take at any time.
For the device to work you need to talk with the Director of theatre or Director. The Director can immediately get an idea about you and your character and understand whether he needs such a person. And if the answer is positive, then he will assign you viewing. At the first meeting with the management it is advisable to prepare. Bring your portfolio a few photos in various images. The dress is not too pretentious, but dignified. Is fine business suit or neutral. Grab just in case documents – passport, work book, diploma.
It's possible that you don't want to talk personally and ask to send resume by email along with photos. Follow this condition. Rules of resume writing you can find on the Internet. To acting resume will include a list of roles in various productions, and graduation performances. Don't forget to include all your contacts. After reading the summary you may be invited for an interview or preview. In a telephone call, it is better to check all the requirements.
Submit your application and summary to several theaters, so you will increase the chance of getting work. If you did not work, then after some period of time you may wish to repeat the appeal: through the Internet or in a personal conversation. Show perseverance your burning desire and commitment, but it should not be risky and unwise.