Protection or attack

Blood clots — natural and even necessary function of the body. If it is "off", then any, even a small wound will be fatal is to stop the bleeding simply will not succeed. But with the defeat of the inner wall of blood vessels blood clots starts to bring significant harm. The fact that the body recognizes any roughness, for example, of atherosclerotic plaque, as injury-threatening bleeding and tightens to this place a huge number of blood plates. They "stick together" forming dense clumps and blood — clots. The lumen of the vessel in this place narrows the blood not continue moving, causing a lack of nourishment within the course of the vessel tissues. If the clot formed in the vessels feeding the heart, the myocardial infarction, and cerebral arteries — stroke, the leg joints gangrene. In addition, blood clots can break away and move around the bloodstream, getting stuck in narrow places, which include pulmonary artery. And this is one of the most common and, unfortunately, unpredictable causes of death.

Dangerous symptoms

To suspect the presence in the body of the thrombus to until a disaster happens, it is difficult — it causes no pain and does not manifest in any symptoms. But the formation of a thrombus can be distinguished by circumstantial evidence and, if the suspicions are confirmed, time to take action.

First of all, blood clots, and if there, then everywhere and in abundance. That is, suspected blood clots in the vessels of the legs, we can assume their presence in other places.

The main signs of increased thrombus formation are: increased sensitivity to cold feet, heavy legs, tingling, or numbness of individual sections, stiffness, and pain. In advanced cases, the "marbling" of the skin of the feet and ankles, and varicose veins.

Simple prevention

The risk of thrombosis reduces substances that reduce cholesterol, for example, vegetable oil with a large amount of polysaturated fatty acids (omega-3 and 6). So, it is useful in the morning drink one tablespoon of olive or Flaxseed oil, there are salads, dressed with vegetable oil. You can drink red wine, but for the purpose of improvement — not more than 100 ml per day, drink plenty of fluids (about 2 liters per day). Other products — red meat, beets, butter, fat — on the contrary, increase the tendency to thrombosis. Also if you suspect a thrombosis unwanted active exercise: they formed the clot can break away.

Of course, upon the slightest suspicion of thrombosis, it is necessary to refuse from fried, smoked, greasy, and in any case not to smoke. Try to live as healthy a lifestyle.