In order to reduce levels of platelets in the blood, you need to find out why it happened. The causes of this phenomenon are many, among them older age, bad habits, osteomielit, liver cirrhosis, cancer, hemolytic anemia, lymphoma, inflammation, erythema, and others.
To identify the true cause of the increase in the number of platelets in the blood is quite difficult even for the expert, because the trigger for this condition may be a combination of factors. To eliminate thrombocytosis professionals usually prescribed drugs such as anticoagulants, antiplatelet agents and interferons. These pharmaceutical remedies contribute to the thinning of the blood, which facilitates its passage through the vessels and prevents blood clots.
To reduce the number of platelets in the blood can aspiranturas drugs that also thin the blood.
Observations of scientists has shown that the fight with platelets to help and acidic drinks such as cranberry juice. Thins the blood and promotes the use of a large number of ordinary non-carbonated water, but it is important to renounce salty foods, otherwise the swelling may appear.
In severe cases that require emergency treatment, your doctor may order a procedure called thrombocytapheresis. For it is a special blood-cell separator, which can remove excess platelets from the body.
Try to cope with the increased level of platelets in the blood your own at home is not necessary, as you may lose sight of some severe disease and worsen their state. In such case it is necessary urgent consultation of the doctor, since the thrombocytosis at any time the vessel can get clogged, which will lead to dire consequences.