What are the benefits for patients with disabilities

The patient with diabetes mellitus, a disability has the right to free journey in suburban transport, additional medicines and sanitary-resort treatment. The state is obliged once a year 1 give the patient a place in a sanatorium and to pay for travel to the resort and back.

Regardless of whether there is a disability or not, patients with type 1 and type 2 are obliged to give free insulin, hypoglycemic drugs and syringes for injection.

Benefits for patients with diabetes mellitus 1 and 2 type

Both types of patients can be maintained with insulin, but diabetes type 1 is incurable, drugs are administered several times a day. 2 type of the disease can be cured, but you need to constantly observe the diet.

Patients with diabetes type 1 diabetes is almost always issued a disability. They have the right to receive funds for measure of sugar and drugs. When a serious condition for a man to care social worker.

For patients with diabetes mellitus type 2, which do not need insulin is made easy with the results of the test strips. Within one month give 30 pieces.

Regardless of the type of diabetes each patient has the right to social rehabilitation. It can provide training and retraining, and sports rehabilitation. Disabled persons get disability pension. Pregnant women and children suffering from diabetes are provided with blood glucose meters with bar-stripes and a syringe-handles.

Diabetic, if necessary, may require referral for consultation or hospitalization in a specialized center.

Benefits for children with diabetes

Children with diabetes – a separate category. They have the right to rest in sanatoriums 1 time per year, and travel back and forth and stay in the institution is paid for not only the child but also his parents. The tickets and tours to the resort in the beginning provided to patients with diabetes who have not reached 14-summer age, and then all the rest.

To enjoy all the privileges that put the patient with diabetes mellitus, you must obtain a document confirming the disease. Even if there is no disability, a person with this illness has the right to free medicines and equipment needed to maintain the body. Disabled with diabetes receive a full benefits package.