The availability of specialized education is one of the basic conditions for acquisition of the status of arbitration Manager. This status means that a person who has a degree in a specific specialty. The only narrow areas of study in this area is "Crisis management", however, arbitration control often become those persons who have legal or economic education. The most well-known universities, allowing you to take courses arbitration managers, are the Institute of Economics and crisis management, Financial Academy under the Government of the Russian Federation and a number of others. In addition, the appropriate specialty is available in most public universities located in major cities of our country.

What is confirmed by the completion of arbitration managers?

Courses arbitration managers in any institution of higher education evidenced by a diploma. At the final stage of training the student passes the theoretical exam, which takes a Commission of experts. While training in any University is considered the least expensive option of completion of the relevant courses. Note that for acquisition of the status of the liquidator is insufficient to present a certificate of training completion, as a candidate to meet a number of additional requirements. In particular, the future Manager must have leadership experience, have administrative punishment in the form of a suspension or criminal punishment in the form of a prohibition to carry out relevant activities.

What to do after completing this course?

If the candidate of arbitration managers successfully completed the training, confirmed their compliance with the above conditions, then he will have to perform some additional steps to acquire the desired status. In particular, after receiving the education you will need to undergo training from the current Trustee and then to insure their own responsibility and to engage in self-regulatory organization. In the self-regulatory organization will have to pay a monthly premium, to bear certain other expenses to comply with the rules and ethical requirements. The acquisition of the status of the liquidator does not guarantee implementation of relevant activities since the issue of the appointment of a specific person for the position is decided in arbitration courts in cases of insolvency.