Now, in many secondary schools re-introduced a school uniform. Those schools that have not introduced it, basically adhere to the business style. Before the beginning of the school year ask your school to the appearance of their pupils and get a little schoolboy a few sets of clothes in accordance with the requirements. Usually it's shirts, pants, jackets and vests for boys and dresses, skirts, shirts, vests and jackets for girls. Classic is considered a light top and dark bottom. Also the student will need suitable indoor shoes and sports clothes for physical education classes.

It is not necessary to buy the whole range of stationery shops in order that your child was the best. Instead, ask the class teacher to tell you what you will need for successful learning – some things you just can't provide. Usually the first grader includes blue ballpoint pens and colored, plain and colored pencils, ruler, eraser, counting sticks, alphanumeric cashier, colored paper, markers, paints and brushes, sketchbook, glue, scissors, cardboard and clay. Each school can edit this list at its discretion.

Buying books for a first grader is a science. The baby will need a notebook in a large square and a thin ruler for tracing. A child with poor eyesight is better to choose a notebook with bright markings, and children with normal vision will suit pale markings blue or gray.

After the necessary stationery purchased, they need somewhere to lay down. As the store children's clothes best suited container with sealed back and wide straps. Get the baby bag bright colors with their favorite cartoon characters and he will be happy to walk with him to school.

Different schools prefer different programs. Therefore, before the beginning of the school year you will either be given a list of books that will take your child, or inform the necessary amount you will need to take to school could purchase textbooks.