You will need
  • paper, pen
If you are a child in first grade or transferring into a new school, you will need to write a statement at the reception. Typically, the statement is written in free form, but maybe there is a special ready-made forms.
The application must be addressed to the Director of the school one of the parents or guardians. The text will tell you in the school office. A sample text is: "Please enroll my child, Ivanov Ivan Nikolayevich, born in 2003, 1 "A class of school No. 11 from 01.01.2010 . Below the signature with interpretation and date of writing the application.
The statement, as a rule, you will be asked to attach a certificate of family composition and medical history records on charts. These documents are needed when you are a child in the first grade. If you plan to keep the baby after classes in group of the prolonged day, then immediately write a statement to detention. It is written as application for admission to the school.